Butterflies and Phoenixes. A poem by Mary Farrell

Never in a better ‘Now’
to stand and stare,
prioritise, recalibrate.
Don’t look back!
heed Lot’s wife and
the salty sting of memory.On the cliffs edge
steady, find balance
to cast off, let go
what to jettison.

The Fool on the hill
sees the world spinning round,
has no fear….he leaps,
as we will when this mire
curves dreamward again.

Slough shells,
scrape barnacles,
shed weight.
Pause now but celebrate
butterflies and phoenixes.

Mary Farrell, born in Northern Ireland, returned from France three years ago to live in Portstewart. Facilitator of Two North Coast of Ireland Writing Groups and sometime public storyteller, with poems published in the 2019 Bangor Literary Journal and the 2019/2020 CAP Literary Anthology ‘Vision’, and a trilogy of short stories completed, she is now enjoying the challenge of writing individual stories as well as poetry, and had a Flash Fiction piece published in Flash Fiction Magazine, April 2020.

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