Break in Transmission. A poem by Phil Lynch

though it was bright
I could see no life
I could hear no child
the stillness disturbed
no sound of kisses
on cheeks or lips
no jet streams to follow
in dreams of exotic locations
streets unhealthily quiet
hedges and trees
in freeze-frame shock
even the breeze stayed at bay
afraid to touch anything
with its breath
sparky ads still running
on radio and tv
for events and services
long since cancelled
or put on hold
new words in vogue
that pull us together
while we keep apart
zooming with family
and friends
our lives valued
not by riches
but by access
to essentials
life measured
in metres
and kilometres
masking frustrations
while cocooners
in the wait for wings
prepare to flutter
from winter

to summer


Phil Lynch’s poems have appeared in a range of literary mags and anthologies. His collection: In a Changing Light was published by Salmon Poetry in 2016. More here

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