Better Late than Never, a poem by Gerry Hancock

Nobody told the cherry blossom
to stay indoors for fear –
The dandelion got no stand down order
So fed the drowsy bee
its first food of the year.

Trees are greening up
despite the warning to bunker down,
And crows carry half trees to strengthen nests
While tulips follow daffodils
to wear spring’s brightest crown.

Only man, master in his own mind
of nature and all else,
Is confined to barracks and riddled with doubt –
And growing humility
in the face of his excess.

Soon we’ll come out to meet
with family and friends
And hug as if we never would again
And marvel that the world spun on
without our arrogant Amens.

Retired primary teacher. Originally from Dublin but living in Maynooth in Kildare. Married with one beautiful daughter and two gorgeous granddaughters.

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