Beauty Lockdown. A poem by Jo-Ann Newton

The day they all decided
staying home was for the best
every woman in the country
had to face tougher test.
For the ones who need enhancement
this would be a harder plight
and we’ve stooped to desperate measures
as there is no end in sight.

I missed my nail appointment
when we had to hide away
and my hair salon, they cancelled
they’ll be back when all’s ok.
I have run out of foundation
and my front tooth has a chip.
It’s hard to keep this up beat
when you really look like shit.

I am “Zooming” all work meetings
fully dressed from half way up,
all the while hiding the dentistry
behind a coffee cup.
I have cut down my acrylics
so I’m still able to type
and I’m dying my hair purple
in the dark-root-combat fight.

In the end this is just silly
when you look at all our grief.
When we’re desperate for our NHS
to just find some relief.
But I bet when we come out this
(if we’re not all on the dole)
appointments with a nail bar
will be scarce as toilet roll.


A Scot’s lass (not a lass these days really) living in Kent. I am currently working from home, being in the Key Worker category (food industry) and am cramping my husband and cat’s style by being constantly at home. I write mainly poetry and have been published in The Linnet’s Wings, I’m Not a Silent Poet, Silver Birch Press, among others.

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