At the start of the outbreak. A verse in rhyme by Peter Costello

Well things are looking serious, and getting worse each day
And the predictions that we are hearing, are not good I have to say
It can be quite frightening, if we are to believe in what we’re told
The people that are most at risk, are the very weak and old
It will cause financial burden, to our country and our town
But I think it is worth considering, a temporary lock down
This is not what people want to hear, but life’s are now at stake
And all of us will suffer, but tough decisions we must make
We have to be realistic, our health it must come first
And things are going to escalate, if we let the bubble burst
Banks must take a back step, while this virus in in place
Right now the Irish people, have enough hardship to face
Some shops have hiked the prices, of sanitizers it has been claimed
Anyone trying to make a profit, should truly be ashamed
The doctors and the hospital staff, and all the ambulance crew
And each of the health workers, are doing all they can do
But they are under pressure, because this threat is real
So we need lots of volunteers, to put our shoulders to the wheel
Everyone must do their bit, to help to stop the spread
Educate ourselves a little, just like the experts said
Wash our hands more often, don’t touch our mouth or face
And try to keep our distance, from any crowded place
Cut out all get togethers, every party and parade
Prepare to make some sacrifices, until the threat begins to fade
We must try and keep the elderly, safely in their home
Bring them the necessities, give them no cause to roam
And anyone with ailments, where their immune system is low
Just be there to help them, phone them and let them know
We all can have an input, so let’s watch each other’s backs
If we work together, we can stop this in its tracks
This is an emergency, so let us all stand tall
It is time to pull together, and answer Irelands call.

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