As the Dog Returns to His Vomit. A Poem by George W Colkitto

night returns
day returns
the sea retreats and returns
I step the tide line of mermaid’s purses
bladderwrack and yesterday’s bottles
harvested by the waves
I return to childhood secret places
hidden tears and silent smiles
go back alone and know
no-one returns unchanged
birthdays return I wished them many and happy
until they stopped and I become look-alike
the face in the mirror returns to ancestor
I do not return to cynic for I never left
I watch circles break and join
rich breed rich, poor stay poor
I return to a writer who made me laugh
Dornford Yates had Bertram Berry Pleydell
(now there’s a name that should return) say
‘the dog returns to his vomit’
Now as I sit in isolation from Pandemic
I hear how mankind will return to gobble and spew
return to normal

GWC 30th April 2020

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