Are you going for a Pint? A poem by Liam Flanagan

Jasus I’d murder a good Pint!
Only there are so many guards around I could end up in the joint
The pubs are shut people are doing their nut
We all need to get a haircut!
The Greens are going on about our carbon emissions
Meanwhile the women of Ireland go to work in their kitchens
Everybody is joining meetings on Zoom
Broadcasting to the world from inside their front rooms
Will they just tell us to wear a mask
Why is there ambiguity over such a menial task?
On the brighter side Sharon is on the news at nine
I swear as time goes by she gets more and more fine!
You can get out of the house for a journey of 5K as long as you stay two meters away
We are all being asked to take this two to three weeks at a time
This is something we can live with as long as there is no danger of the country running out of beer and wine!!!


  1. This is brilliant Liam, fair play!

  2. Top class Liam, the best one so far.

  3. Well done Liam

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