Another Version of the Story. A poem by Shelley Tracey

rewriting silence
not a voiceless shroud
a sleek blanket
for smooth restfulness
gathering warmth

to be still enough
to hear whispers
from the future
the breath of summer
through the branches

the sea
the sea
dominant rhythm
towards you
not withdrawing

in a cave of plenty
you are always safe
mountain firmness
abundant waters
journeys back to self


Shelley Tracey is a poet and creative writing facilitator in Northern Ireland. Her first poetry collection, Elements of Distance, was published by Lapwing in 2017. Her poems and stories are published in many journals and anthologies. Shelley believes strongly that creativity empowers and connects us. Say hello on FaceBook.


  1. Beautiful words, like whispers.

    1. whispers, exactly.

  2. be still enough
    to hear whispers
    from the future

    Just beautiful.

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