And the Birds sang and For now. Two poems by Kristin Gray

And the Birds sang

And the birds sang, and I could hear
As sun glowed out through glorious blue;
The world is quieter, stiller, hushed
And the bird sang, and I could hear

For now

Do not lose now to the fear
Enemy of now
That threatens to engulf.

Of what you can, take control
Of what you cant, try let go
We can still walk, talk, live, be.

Stop, listen to her, She has cried her warnings,
In vain.
Mother nature’s calling you to her breast
Lets embrace her, for now.

Tomorrow may bring new worries,
Yesterday’s woes forgotten
But for now, we can, just be.


In the times we find ourselves with so much stress and panic, we need to take a moment to just breath. Visit Kristin on Facebook.

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