An Address From The Head of State. A poem by Mark Scullion

As your unelected leader I wish to speak to you
regarding the continuing crisis that engulfs our nation.
I specifically want to address the healthcare workers
who are bravely leading the fight from the front line trenches.

From midnight tonight each of you will be issued with an emergency kit
that will contain your returned genitals that we cut off over ten years ago.
The government demands that each recipient reattach their genitals using
the supplied Pritstick. This will give you a sense of empowerment during the difficult
weeks ahead and also will ensure you don’t feel anything when we slice them off again next year.

Once we have overcome this crisis I promise to personally visit each and every single
healthcare worker across the country and pat them on the head with my gloved hand.

Together we are making greats strides across this treacherous and unprecedented frontier.
But I want to remind the aforementioned public servants that hypocrisy, u-turning and condescension pay no attention to borders, race, nationality or gender.

I wish you all a good night.
Stay strong.


Mark Scullion is a 43 year old from Monaghan in Ireland and has been writing poetry for three years. He has had poems published in Skylight 47, New Ulster, ROPES, Hidden Channel 11, Galway Advertiser, Automatic Pilot and Qutub Minar Review.

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