Always Be Us. A poem by Jaime Formato

I met you
just before 9/11
called you at work
as those buildings shook

We walked
on a Gulf, stained
and spilled upon
watching blue waves, holding frightened hands

Then recession times
loomed big and bad
but no loss of cash
could make us lose us

have come and gone
they’ve wrecked our car
but always missed our home

And now they say,
distance is the way
but you’re my only way
you’re the only way.

‘Cause when I hide
I hide with you
Disaster’s come and go
but I still have you.

The world may change
normalcy fade away
but we will never change
we’ll always be us


Jaime Formato is a reader, writer, and teacher. She lives in a little house by the woods with her amazing husband and four beautiful children.

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