A State of Sunshine. A poem by Eva Creely

There is something magnificent about a sunny day in Ireland
Everything on its best behaviour
Even the humans

Flowers bloom, berries pop
Butterflies drift languorously by
While bees, well, just buzz

Dogs resist the lead, wanting only shade
And people are quick to make their salutations and smile
Yes those blue eyes reflecting blue skies

‘Too hot to cook’, so salad for tea, just like the old days
Soft green leaves from the COVID garden
Sunkissed tomatoes and hard-boiled eggs

Scallions with cool rolls of ham
And salad cream
Yes salad cream for pure nostalgia – none of that mayonnaise stuff of recent times

Yet new paths are still being forged with gusto
Everything seems to be on the cusp
Anything might be possible on a sunny day

Even a COVID vaccine.


Eva is becoming a ‘COVID’ writer through and through with the support of colleagues in the Inslingers from the Irish Writers Cente and the Pen to Paper group in Fighting Words. She has been published in a number of Inksplinter Anthologies to date. Post Covid who knows?

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  1. Lv your poem Eva . Tess Larkin

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