A flamboyance of flamingoes. A poem by Maresa Sheehan

Answers the lockdown
Zoom quiz question.
Tickles us pink, knobbles us
with its backward knees, tempts us
with its ready-to-snap ankles.

Their awkward beaks a relief
against the exquisite feathers
and austere one-legged poses.
Strutting off and linking necks
in defiance of social distancing.

Who is the Minister for
Agriculture and the Marine?
What’s the longest word?
Clap, scattering the flamboyance.


Maresa Sheehan’s poetry has been published in The Irish Times, Poetry Ireland Review, Boyne Berries and elsewhere. She received first prize in the Goldsmith International Literary Festival Poetry Competition, was highly commended for the Bridport Poetry Prize and for the Over The Edge New Writer of the Year Competition and shortlisted for the Cuirt Poetry Prize and Allingham International Poetry Prize.

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  1. So original

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