A Covid Funeral. A verse in rhyme by Peter Costello

A Covid-19 Parting
You deserved a whole lot better, when your time was up to go
The sadness that I went through, no one will ever know
The person I looked up to, that was my soul mate and best friend
Had no one there to hold their hand, when their life came to an end
The vision of you lying there, on that sad and lonely day
As I looked in through a window, and your life blood ebbed away
You were very special, and were loved by such a lot
You deserved a whole lot better, than the send-off that you got

That feeling of sheer helplessness, there was nothing I could do
Just not being there to hold your hand, it breaks my heart in two
You were the one that paved my life, that taught me right from wrong
Whenever I was feeling weak, you were always strong
You were my rock to lean on, nothing ever was too much
You had all the answers, that mystic, magic touch
The kindness that you shared with me, will never be forgot
You deserved a whole lot better, than the send-off that you got

And as you made your final journey, to the newly opened grave
The neighbours stood along the route, and gave a final wave
They could not gather around you, to shed the lonesome tears
For their pal, workmate and colleague, who had been their friend for years
They would have loved to join us, and to say their last goodbye
To share stories from the old days, have a chat, a laugh, a cry
But sadly that was not to be, it was not part of your lot
You deserved a whole lot better, than the send-off that you got

But I know that you are up there now, looking down on us
And urging us to cop on, and stop making such a fuss
You never craved attention, or desired the bright lime light
So perhaps your wishes were fulfilled, as you left us, nice and quiet
This virus has crept up on us, and has changed the life we knew
It has all the power right now, and dictates the things we do
But as you went through the pearly gates, you were met by such a lot
And we all know that you well deserved, the great welcome that you got



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