4 June 2020, Locust Street, MKE. A poem by Kathryn Ann Hill

Four days after move-out day
abandoned mattresses abound
not flat and useless on the ground
but propped as signs for passersby.

The first I see reads NO MORE LIES;
the second, END ALL IGNORANCE;
the third longs for deliverance

A masked young biker stops to snap
a record of these mattress signs,
and I have stopped to scribe their lines
in case my memory fails to serve.

The garbage trucks are coming now
to take the mattress signs away:
O maskless workers, lift and pray
these messages for you and me.

O righteous youth, graffiti on!
Chant on, march on, O ardent youth,
and we will share your holy truth
in imagery and word and song.


Kathryn Ann Hill’s six books of poetry are briefly described at http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/kah1952

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