2 Pandemic Poems by Bern Butler

Poem 1

The Last Thing I Saw on T.V Last Night –

was a report on the news

a line of men curled
round the corner
of a building
in California

not queuing
for toilet rolls

or bread
or milk

but guns
and I cannot stop supposing

Poem 2

Me, I (St. Patrick’s Day 2020)

is a me-sized beanbag
thrust into my arms.

Its contours shift –
become different
as I shift – even a little bit.

Though I’m glad
we’re not out in the rain,
or at a parade, I

still grapple,
feel beads tumble
and splay

picture millions
of miniscule snowballs

an avalanche contained.


Bern Butler is a Galway based writer and educator. Her work has been published in ‘Force 10,’ ‘The Grey Castle,’ Ropes Anthology, The Galway Review and Vox Galvia. She holds an MA in Writing (NUIG), has been a featured reader in Galway’s Over the Edge Library Readings.

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